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Back in June, the Re: and Drury Design’s crew had the opportunity to partner up with St. John’s Homeless Shelter. They recently remodeled their shelter and had saved all of the original windows, doors, hardware, etc. They reached out to us at Re: in hopes that we could help them save these original items. With Drury Design’s background and experience with saving historic pieces, we jumped on the opportunity right away.

Devon, Madison, and Scottie partnered up with a group of volunteers to haul all the doors, windows, and miscellaneous items that were stored in the broiler room of the shelter.  Mind you, this room was at least 80 degrees with at least 15 teenagers cramped into this small basement. Bonus? It was almost 90 degrees outside with Wisconsin’s wonderful humidity…

That didn’t stop this group of teenagers from showing some incredible teamwork! These kids blew us away with how determined they were and how well they encouraged everyone. Some of these doors were so heavy, it required 4 people to haul out! These doors and windows showed its age including broken glass, nails and staples poking out, rough wood, you name it. The volunteers did a great job making sure these pieces were hauled out carefully and safely. In the end, we ended up saving 80+ doors and windows!

Re: and Drury Design’s had such a great experience with St. John’s and the volunteers they put together for us. We love saving historic pieces but love working with our community even more! Thank you for reaching out to us!



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