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re: Salvage & Artifacts

As a division of Drury Design’s, Re: Salvage & Artifacts offers a variety of unique furnishings, home décor, artwork, etc. We specialize in reusing, recycling, repurposing and reworking items. We strive to keep our landfills clean by fixing up pieces with reclaimed materials. Every piece in our store has a story behind it. Whether it came from a historic home that was later torn down, floorboards from a remodel Drury Design’s completed, or wood from a barn; you can count on each piece you take home to hold a piece of history with it. We want every customer to walk out of our store with their creative “juices” flowing. Whether it’s with a finished piece purchased or if they found a piece in our salvage basement for them to kickstart their own unique project! We encourage creativity, uniqueness, and want every personality to shine with each piece we work on. At Re:, we are sure you’ll find a piece that speaks directly to you and will compliment your home!


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